Olympic Swimming Pool - London

Olympic Swimming Pool - London

One way Breathwork has helped me. 

Last week I went for a swim at the Olympic park. Standing in the impressive amphitheatre, this modern day temple of fitness and human excellence was both exhilarating and awe-inspiring. I got into the pool and eyed the far away end, and imagined how it would feel to have the world watch and cheer you on...A few lengths in I was a little surprised. I was front crawling end to end. My stroke and rhythm relaxed, breath flowing un-laboured.

I've always been fit. Early years in the Royal Navy gave me an edge to push past. Yet all my life during exercise I've felt a tightness or constriction whenever I would breathe fast or exercise or strain. Be it holding a stretch in Yoga, Running, Sex...Particularly in Swimming. Normally it was my breath panting that would stop me before my limbs grew tired... yet here I was swimming the lengths of an Olympic Swimming pool with ease.

In Breathwork, we tend to focus on the emotional and psychological releases as an incentive for practicing a Conscious Breath technique. It was joy to discover some very obvious and physical effects from freeing my breath. When we breathe in the workshop, we are not just expanding into our lungs, stretching and strengthening them, we are stretching and expanding our hearts and minds. By reclaiming our breath, we push the barriers as to what is possible for us in life. Letting go of limiting, constricting beliefs and breathing patterns.

It's safe to feel. It's safe to breathe fully.