Conscious Breathing. 

Breathwork is an amazing tool for self-empowerment and emotional clearing from the body, to compliment yoga, and other integrative / self-discovery practices. With a strong emphasise on personal responsibility, attendees are guided to transformative and insightful experiences that take place on a deep level, whilst held in a safe and supported space. 

There are many styles of Breath Practices, and all cultures around the world have a tradition of Breathwork in them. The style of Breathwork I practice stems from the Holotropic Breathwork, Transformational BW, and the Rebirthing Tradition which was rediscovered in the latter half of the last century, known as Conscious Connected Breathing. 

In practice the style I facilitate is powerful and transformative, yet applied in a gentle and supported way. Using music, Sound, Movement and Meditation, Bodywork and Reiki to assist the process. All contact is prior agreed, light, and non invasive.

How is your relationship with your breath?

Most of us only use a third of our lung capacity in any one breath, and yet the breath is our major source of energy. As such, shallow breathing, anxiety, and illness’ related to poor breathing are becoming commonplace and most of us remain unaware of our breath and its powerful potential in our lives. 

When we bring our attention to the breath, we immediately become present to the now. We experience directly the expansion and contraction, the natural flow state of the universe, through our own body. We also observe that our emotions and the 'Fight or Flight' states are directly connected to our breathing system. How might we respond to life, rather than react, with a developed awareness of our trigger points? Using the breath we can reset past experiences by releasing stored up tension which is held in the body, and dramatically improve our metal and physical health.

So what can we learn when we interact with life through our breath? Where is your edge of expansion and contraction? Are you holding on to your breath? Frightened to let go? Do you put out more breath than you bring in, leaving your under sourced? What else do you take for granted that is vital in your life? What would your life feel like if you breathed more freely, deeply, and with awareness of the abundance and support it provides to you?

These are all questions worthy of consideration at the level of the mind. However, during a Breathwork Session, the gap between mind, body and spirit disappears and we experience unity.

Such questions become the context of valuable insight gained during the intimacy of self-unification to be reflected on afterwards. 

What does a Breathwork Session look like?

A session typically take place either in a workshop or private session. You may be guided to use movement, meditation and vulnerability exercises to facilitate the process of opening and to create a safe and contained space for healing and transformation. Then you’ll be invited to lay down, make yourself comfortable, for about one hour. Music will be played to assist the journey like quality of the session. Whilst the facilitator will guide you to breath a conscious connected breath. 

What is a Conscious Connection Breathe? 

1. We use the natural rhythm of the breath. That is to say, an equal breath in to an equal breath released. 

2. Each breath remains connected so that there is no pause between breaths.

3. Consciousness follows the breath.  

4. Breathing through an open mouth unless otherwise advised. 

If you would like to find out how Breathwork can support you, please get in touch via the contact page. I am available for workshops and private sessions. See the Testimonial page for further details. 

Read an example of how Breathwork helped me here

What people say after their first workshop?

Here are some comments from people attending their first Breath workshop.

Blown away… - Vivienne - France. 

It was my first experience and it was amazing... I would love to learn more about it. Its my pleasure to be part of the magic and would love a 1:1 when you are back the next time in Singapore . Thank you very much Peter Nathaniel Lee.  - Roghini Meiporul - Singapore

I feel absolute amazing. Something really profound occurred. I’m not sure I have the words, but yeah amazing. Thank you. - Alison - USA

I had a big release. That’s the first time I have been able to cry in seven years. Since my Father passed away in fact. I think I needed it. I was ready you could say, but couldn’t have, let go without the Breath. Thanks so much. - Mark - Australia

I could feel all the energy in my body, and where it was stuck. By doing what you said, staying connected to the breath, and not getting caught up in the story, I was able unblock and release it. Wow. - Carolyn - UK 

A game changer! Absolute game changer. I wasn't expecting that at all. - Cassie - Australia