A friend once told me, that as you get older, you realise that all the old cliche's come true. As a writer, the quest for originality does not discriminate between page and life, so her point I readily dismissed. 

So when in 2014, after a month long solo trek in Nepal, I stood on top of Annapurna and I rediscovered my Heart and Soul, well, you can imagine my chargrin at actually finding myself, in every sense of the word, on the top of a mountain. 

Standing there it seemed to me I could look back across the span of five years to when I'd stood on another Mountain in far away Spain at the end of the Camino De Santiago, with all the time between the undulation of many highs and lows. 

In that moment of reconnection, I rediscovered not just my love for travel, but the essentiality of it to my life. That, and the latent yearning to write out my experiences finally overtook all other considerations and ambitions. Excited, exhilarated, uncertain and afraid, I left the life well known for the open road again.

A year later to the day, at Sundown on the banks of the Ganges, standing knee deep beneath the star shine and silhouette of Himalaya peaks, I found myself swept away in a passage of light and shadow as lit candles floated by their thousand across the night river. Above, the deepening sky reflected back the lights a thousandfold. And I found my answers. 

'In the River of Stars' was born.