Breathwork, healing, how did I get into this? 

So it goes a little like this. I want to help people. Always have. I remember the time that can't really be remembered, when I sat for days that turned to weeks, and months without seemingly moving whilst the world moved around me and I didn't. I stayed still. I sat in that place we all fear or disdain. That place we call depression. If you know it, you don't need me to show it, but if you don't, let me say that in that place, there was no light.

Oddly enough it was the premature death of my Father that began the process of resurfacing. You see grief is an accepted process, and one deserving of understanding and sympathy. It is a language we all can grasp and an experience we are allowed to have without medicating it. 

After I recovered, I discovered that there were pathways in my mind that emulated outside of me, in choices and conversations, in places and people. Some circled back to the dark. Most of those were familiar. Decisions became safer made with uncertain. So the unfamiliar became my guide. I began the process of changes in my thinking, feeling and being that my soul, ( you know, that part of you that you mostly ignore ) required.

Relationships, friendships, business', home, love - I left. I walked across France and Spain on an odyssey of self-discovery. Exchanging certainty and the right way, for the unknown, and unknowable. I walked for a time without money. And with no guide book or sense control, only the quiet whispering of my heart, curiosity and the language of the soul, and the occasional like minded... I walked and discovered a different way. 

I lost that way for a time, bright as it was, but it never left me. During that period I moved to London and worked for a charity tackling homelessness. My clients included Hoarders, Refugees, Addicts, Holics of all kinds, sex workers and those with server Mental Health conditions. To my credit and pride I was awarded support worker of the year in the first year on the job.